36.5 x 12"
Archival inkjet prints


"Overt Truth"
42 x 42"
Archival inkjet prints

Violetta Voulgaris

Art + Extended Media

My photographs reveal the invisible battle that leaves me feeling trapped in my thoughts. Over the years, it seems that my anxiety has only gotten worse leaving bigger obstacles to overcome. My anxiety affects the number of things I remember and how I recall different events. The faces of people and memories of places have been misplaced and unaccounted for. When I photograph abandoned places I think about what events happened inside these buildings and how they are nothing but fading memories. My photographs work to fill in as many of the missing pieces as possible and complete the memory once again. My work explores the feelings of being mentally suffocated. By photographing my personal battle, it becomes easier to confront and breakthrough because it is now a tangible object. I am using my practice to take back control of what seems to be a losing battle.


"Quiet & Reserved"
36.5 x 24"
Archival inkjet prints