Gender Wage Gap
Animated infographic

Shannon Hughes

Graphic + Media Design

I spend most of my free time designing, crafting, building, painting, doing DIYs, anything I can get my hands on. Being a hands-on artist and designer, my process isn’t a straight line. Drawing inspiration from my world, I start creating right away. Seeing how my ideas look opens up all the possibilities on how they may function. From there I can break the design idea down in order to build it up in a way that is successful. Design is innovative and being able to understand failure is key in my creative process. My process is strongly based on problem-solving. Proposing an innovative idea, then being able to understand how it will function through trial and error has helped to push my creative boundaries.

To design without fear of failure has opened up design possibilities for me.

Better to try and fail than to not try at all.


To Being A Feminist
Interactive augmented reality murals (four)


To Being A Feminist
2-inch stickers