You’re gonna regret looking up my skirt
Resin teeth, chain
28 x 30"


Brianna Petkovsek

Art + Extended Media

With each day I wake up, the more questions I have about existence. While I’ll never know the true answer to anything, it never stops me from desperately questioning the absurdity of life and social aspects of living. I use my work and humor to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and question the realities of sexual abuse, eating disorders, and estranged relationships. I collect these experiences through made and found objects. I hold onto them to live with them the same way I live with the waking reality of mental illness and its all-encompassing nature. Through the outlets of ceramic sculptures and text-based collage, my work collectively documents my navigation through mental illness, using artmaking and dark humor to cope with living.


Stupid Baby
Relief print on newsprint & drawing paper
18 x 72"


Bye Bye
Mixed media, found objects
105 x 80"