"Forever Beside Me"
Sequential art
11 x 17"

Kristen Morawski

Graphic + Media Design

By specializing in illustration, animations, as well a s concept art and character design, I cause people to evoke similar emotions that are in my creations. I believe creativity is something beyond self-expression. The possibilities of what I can tell or emote through my stories are endless, but I always strive to touch the hearts of everyone with my work. I utilize my understanding of design and color in addition to my cartoon-inspired style of illustrating to create engaging compositions, ideas, and experiences. I aim to leave a lasting impact on those who view my work, transforming my work into a higher level of influence. Considered to be a withdrawn, soft-spoken woman, my work has become a vehicle for myself to express certain thoughts or ideas that I normally wouldn’t be comfortable discussing. Through the use of digital illustration, character, and video design and conceptual development, I am able to properly portray not only my ideas, but who I am as an artist and person.