"What Are You Looking At?"
58.75" x 32.25" skateboard decks
Acrylic paint, spray paint, and ink on skateboard decks

Jossalynn Harris

Art + Extended Media

I’m caught in a duality of being a rebellious skateboarder fitting in with the guys and a girl fighting fucked up beauty standards. I was born into a body that will never be enough for anyone. The sexual objectification as a girl rips me off from being treated equally. My aggravations take the form of idealized girls, resembling myself, who commit violent acts in order to disrupt the lives of these ignorant people who think I need permission to be angry. I use unfiltered jokes to exploit the sexual appeals of the male gaze with socially considered gross acts. My performances through photography and videography reveal society’s ugly side to evoke deep visceral reactions. My confrontational illustrations indulge in pleasures that humiliate the patriarchal society that I’m battling to get away from and fit into. I reveal the repulsiveness I find within myself and the abusive acts taken to reject these parts. My work is a tedious process because I feel the need to prove myself. As much as these expectations control me, I take back what is rightfully mine through my artwork. At the end of the day, the problem isn’t me, it’s you.

"Why Won't You Love Me?"

"Salacious Minds"