Collaborative Print Day: Saturday, April 8, 2017, 10am - 5pm (Tentative date)
Sage College of Albany Armory
140 New Scotland Rd., Albany NY
Steamroller prints are giant prints made by compressing the an oversized printing plate under the weight of a two-ton steamroller. We’ll be exploring this unique process this year at Sage, first this fall with our Printmaking class, then again this spring with high schools and community colleges in our area.
Sage will supply the boards for free at the end of the fall semester. Interested schools will have up until April 8th to carve their blocks. The carving can be a collaborative work among a class of students.

  • Basic wood carving tools are recommended, and/or a dremel tool with 'high speed cutter 125' bit.
  • The time needed to carve boards of this size is dependent on the design and the level of detail. We estimate two months will be needed for a group to carve the board.