"Hairspray poster"
Digital Illustration
11 x 17"

Bryanna Holdridge

Graphic + Media Design

As a designer, I like to create solutions to problems. I try to carry that through my work as much as possible by not settling with something that only looks pretty. Instead, I make an effort to create something functional that tells a small story which is simple to grasp. I have always been interested in mixing medias so my workspaces tend to vary. Looking over my work, you can see there is a variety of photographs, animations, digital illustrations, logo designs, and more because I like to dabble in it all. I’m motivated to design by my enjoyment of the process and end results. My love for animals and the environment can be seen throughout my pieces as well. I began designing because I liked to customize everything that I use to my preference. Most of my inspiration comes from other designers and the music that I listen to. My ideas are based off of research about the project at hand. Research allows me to find more out about the problem and why its happening which lets me design a solution that will actually work. I find that it's best to design the functional part first, this way nothing gets overlooked, and make the appearance better in the final steps.


"Schroon Lake"
Inkjet print
20 x 15"