Our Fire Night Event was a celebration on October 30th of the centuries old tradition and ritual burning of spiritual effigies on the night before Halloween. As a component of The Sage Colleges Art + Extended Media’s new curriculum, the students in the 3D Topics course in Destruction constructed wooden sculptures to burn in a ceremony meant to cleanse the past and shed warmth and light on the future. This event served as both an enlightening act of creative public expression and as an opportunity for an expansion of public fire safety and awareness!

Fire Night with the Art + Design Department at Sage College of Albany from Sage College of Albany on Vimeo.

By utilizing the simple creative power of fire to make original works of art, Sage students generated a new art experience, expanding their understanding and respect for fire and the proper way to handle it. Fire has been lost from the modern human experience, and the simplicity of this fact made this event so poignant and effective. This public ceremony showcased the Department of Art + Design’s dedication to expanding the definition of Fine Arts education in the contemporary academic setting.
William Fillmore, the new Assistant Professor in Art + Extended Media collaboratively managed the creative logistics of Fire Night. He has 12 years of experience in public fire oriented performances utilizing iron, bronze, and aluminum casting as well as public wood fire kiln firings and sculpture burning. A huge thank you to The Albany City Fire Department for their collaboration and insights and the participation of The Sage Colleges Office of Facilities and Planning. The collaborative management of this event ensured that every precaution was taken and that all variables were considered. Finally, thank you to the students for your uniquely expressive sculptures and statements!