Senior Capstone in NYC

A busy day of rushing around the city on foot and by train, this year’s Senior Capstone trip was memorable, inspiring and a whole lotta fun!

After an early boarding of the chartered bus from SCA, students were first treated to Manuel Estrada’s Sailing Through Design exhibition at the AIGA headquarters. Looking up at the wall literally covered with the designer’s sketchbooks, it was instilled in all of us the value of keeping a sketchbook. Estrada’s exhibit shows his thought process from the items that inspired him, to concept sketches, and through to his final solutions for numerous projects. There was also an array of book cover designs that used very clever visuals to match the titles. We all know “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but Estrada’s design solutions crushes that saying by enticing even the most reluctant reader to open the book and start reading.

After the visit to AIGA, students had lunch al fresco two blocks north in General Worth Square making choices from a string of outdoor eateries in the shadow of the iconic Flatiron Building. Everything looked so delicious and there was so much to choose from. A few even braved the long line at the famous Shake Shack across the street in Madison Square Park — well worth the wait!

Next, students and faculty headed downtown to The Herb Lubalin Study Center for Design and Typography at Cooper Union. There curator Alexander Tochilovsky showed many pieces of historic graphic design work from their private collection. Works from Herb Lubalin’s studio, the controversial hardcover magazine Eros by Ralph Ginzburg, original pharma advertising, and an original copy of the graphic standards manual for the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority subway system, created in the 70’s. Tochilovsky’s presentation was enlightening and very informative.


Finally, students went on to review the very interesting Image of the Studio exhibition next door at the Lubalin Study Center Gallery. This widely varied collection from over 75 design studios based in New York City, included original work, portraits, data visualizations that documented the structure, history and culture of each studio, and how the city itself has been a major influence.

With only an hour or so to spare before returning to the bus, students were able to go out on their own, grab a bite to eat, and see more of the city. The weather was beautiful and it turned out to be a wonderful fall day that everyone will remember for a long time to come.