Sarah Richards

Interior + Spatial Design

Retreat for The Disabled
I have a younger brother with disabilities. My brother Michael has a severe case of cerebral palsy. Michael's condition causes him to have mental and speech delays and wheelchair-bound. Many everyday outings were never easy, and going on vacation has always been a struggle for my family. As a family, we made many sacrifices and didn’t enjoy family time as most families can. My brother couldn’t physically do many activities, so we did not do them as a family.

On family outings, we suffered from the glares and judgments of the public. Although many of these people didn’t mean harm, they don’t know how to react to a person with disabilities. I want to create a safe space where families can enjoy their stay where they feel comfortable and fit. I want to change the way the families of the disabled vacation. That is why I chose to design a retreat for the disabled and their families. At this retreat, located in Lake George, NY, guests will feel abled, comfortable, and free from the restraints of their disability.

In my career as a designer, I want to make a change in the world. I will strive to make accessibility and way-finding top priority in all of my designs.