Art + Extended Media

Art + Extended Media prepares students to be artists in the 21st century. Students explore diverse and new media, interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, and community engagement. Art + Extended Media students will become active members of the contemporary art world through their individualized studio practice.

Our Program

Photo by Jin Chan

Extended Media

Emphasis on a strong studio practice is at the heart of our program. Students engage in coursework from Art + Extended Media, Graphic + Media Design and Interior Design. Students collaborate on projects that take place beyond the classroom where they are challenged with creating art in unique spaces.

Topics in Art + Design

Art + Extended Media Students are encouraged to take Topics courses that are unique to traditional curriculum. Our most recent Topics class in Destruction challenged students to create work through destruction, adding to and pushing the boundaries of students’ studio practice.

See and Be Seen

Each semester, the Department schedules trips to New York City and surrounding art institutions to help students stay current with what’s happening in contemporary art. In addition, the Department collaborates with the Opalka Gallery to bring artists and designers to the campus to speak with our students. Seeing and being seen enhances studio practice and promotes the development of a professional network.


The bottom line is that you enjoy what you do. We will challenge you to make thoughtful, engaging work that is yours, which is when art is at its best. Come for a visit!

Here's What Our Students Make

Art + Extended Media Course Curriculum

Semester 1 (Fall)

    • AEM 101 Drawing 1
    • AEM 201 Photo 1
    • GMD 217 Imaging 1
    • ITD 155 Sage Connections
    • HUM 112 Humanities

Semester 2 (Spring)

    • DES 102 Spatial Design
    • GMD 225 Time Arts
    • GMD 220 Imaging 2
    • Math 110 or higher
    • ITK 101 iThink

Semester 3 (Fall)

    • AEM 105 2D Studio Techniques
    • ARH 205 Art History I
    • GMD 320 Imaging 3
    • Perspectives course
    • Perspectives course

Semester 4 (Spring)

    • AEM 106 3D Studio Techniques
    • ARH 206 Art History II
    • AEM 250 Sophomore Studio
    • AEM 202 Color & Light
    • Perspectives course

Semester 5 (Fall)

    • AEM 385 2D Studio Concepts
    • ISD 220 Design Technologies 1
    • ARH 307 Modern Art
    • AEM/ISD/GMD Studio course
    • Perspectives course

Semester 6 (Spring)

    • AEM 301 3D Studio Concepts
    • GMD 315 Business Practices
    • ARH Art History elective
    • AEM/ISD/GMD Studio course or Art History elective
    • ITK 301 iThink

Semester 7 (Fall)

    • AEM 421 Capstone 1: Studio theory
    • ISD 407/GMD 420 Portfolio Preparation
    • ARH 333 Art Criticism and Theory
    • AEM/ISD/GMD Studio course or Internship
    • Perspectives course

Semester 8 (Spring)

    • ART 422 Capstone 2: Production and Fabrication
    • AEM/ISD/GMD 448 Topics
    • AEM/ISD/GMD Studio course
    • AEM/ISD/GMD Studio course or Art History elective
    • Perspectives course
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