Art + Design Technology

Technology encompasses much of what we create in the Art + Design Department here at Sage. As a result, our students are required to have a laptop to complete their coursework. Students will also have access to a wide range of services and equipment in the Technology Center to help with their complete their work.


The Art + Design Technology Center provides a wide range of services and equipment to the students and faculty within the Art + Design Department. Located on the first floor of the Art + Design building, the Tech Center boasts a Mac lab, complete with small and large format archival ink-jet printers, Wacom Cintiq displays, scanners, a 3-D printer, and a laser cutter. The Tech Center also provides audio, video, and pen tablets for digital drawing for check-out. Come by anytime. We’re happy to help!

Karen Conway, Lecturer in the Interior + Spatial Design program, will be serving as the interim Coordinator for the fall 2018 – spring 2019 academic year and can be reached at [email protected]. Gregory Ramirez, senior in the Graphic + Media Design program, will be serving as an assistant to the Coordinator and can be reached through [email protected].

Please note that the Tech Center is unable to assist with account issues or access to Moodle, SageAdvisor, etc. Please contact the ITS helpdesk via to resolve such issues.

All of the information detailed on this page is accessible via Google Drive to anyone with a Sage email account. Please sign-in to your email, click the following link, and save the folder to your Google Drive so that you can access this information readily when you have questions about the Tech Center procedures.

Google Drive Folder with Tech Center Instructions.

Equipment For Check-out

The Tech Center has a wide variety of equipment available for check out. On the right is a list of items with links to each item’s user manual.
– Check out of equipment is possible Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm through the Tech Center Lab Aides or the Coordinator.
– Equipment may be checked out for a maximum of 3 days. So, it works like this: if you check out on a Monday, the item is due back on a Thursday. If you check out on a Tuesday, the item is due on a Friday. If you check out on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the item is due on the following Monday.
– If you keep an item for longer than the allotted time, a hold will be placed on your account via Student Services.
– When you check out an item, we record your name and sage email. Please have this information ready at time of check out.
– You are responsible for the item you check out, so if you lose or break an item, you must replace it.

An HD pocket video camera (Full 1080p and 5 MP HD stills). It’s waterproof up to 10 feet! If you’re taking this camera to the salty seas, please consult with the Coordinator of the Tech Center first.

User Manual

Full HD video camera with all the bells and whistles, including 32GB internal flash storage, which will give you almost 3 hours of recording without the use of a memory card. If you need more storage, there are 2 additional SD card slots. Get to work!

User Manual

Full HD video camera with all the bells and whistles, plus 16GB of internal flash storage, and an extra SD slot.

User Manual

A 12.1 mega pixel point-and-shoot camera that also shoots HD video. This is a great, “I need to document this, quick!” cam.

User Manual

Excellent for digital drawing! Be sure to get the latest driver for your operating system. Check out Wacom’s legacy drivers to download and install the appropriate driver for your laptop:

Wacom Legacy Drivers

Excellent for digital drawing, and an upgrade from the Bamboo model. Be sure to get the latest drive for your operating system. You can find the driver for the Intuos on Wacom’s drivers page to download and install the appropriate driver for your laptop:

Wacom Drivers

Large-Format Printing

The Tech Center offers large format, archival inkjet printing services. If you need exhibition-quality prints, or prints larger than 17 inches wide, you will find our rates competitive. We have two large format archival inkjet printers, an HP Designjet Z5200 and an Epson 9900, which can both print up to 44 inches wide. Rates are determined by the type of paper you choose and the square footage of the print.

Paper Cost
Epson Enhanced Matte Paper $3.50/sq.ft.
Red River Premium Matte Paper $4.00/sq.ft.
Epson Premium Luster Paper $4.50/sq.ft.
Trans Bond (ideal for architectural floor plans
and layouts)
PhotoTex (adhesive backed fabric) $6.00/sq.ft.
Jacquard Inkjet Fabric-Cotton $5.00/sq.ft.
Jacquard Inkjet Fabric-Silk $6.00/sq.ft.

Other specialty papers can be ordered. Please consult with the Tech Center well in advance of project due date if a paper not normally carried needs to be ordered.



Total cost per square foot is determined by multiplying the Height (in inches) x Width (in inches), dividing that number by 144, and multiplying the final number by the cost per square foot. For example, for a 36″x40″ piece of Luster paper ($4.50/sq. ft.) would be $45.00:

36 in. x 40 in.= 1440 sq. in
1440 / 144 = 10 sq. ft
10 sq. ft. x $4.50 = $45.00

If you buy your own paper for large format prints, please consult with the Tech Coordinator, Olivia, to discuss your paper choice. Your print will be completed on your paper by the Coordinator, and you will only be charged for ink use. Please see the following formula to calculate and anticipate the ink cost for your print:

36 in. x 40 in.= 1440 sq. in
1440 / 144 = 10 sq. ft
10 sq. ft. x $2.00 = $20.00

File set-up is very important for any type of printing. Your file must have the exact dimensions you would like printed at a resolution of 300 dpi. It must also be flattened with no alpha channels and no compression, and be embedded with the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile. The file type TIF is preferred, but PDFs are also accepted. Your print will be printed as-is, and will not be re-sized or edited by the Tech Center. If you are unsure about how to set up your file, you should download this document, or consult with the Coordinator of the Tech Center:

File Prep for Printing

Please fill-out and submit the large format print order form:

Large Format Print Order Form

*You must be logged-in to your email account in a separate tab to fill out this form*

You must submit the filled-out order form and then upload the file(s) you wish to have printed to your sage account Google Drive. Please share your file(s) from your Google Drive with the Tech Center email: techcenter(at) so that we can download and print your images.

When you share your file, the coordinator will receive a notice via email that provides access to your file and print order form. When your print is complete, you will receive an email from the Lab Aide to swing by the Tech Center to pick up and pay for your print. Payment is required before you take your print out of the lab, therefore you must pick-up large format prints during business hours 9:00am-4:30pm so you can pay.


A two business day turn-around is standard. For example, if you submit your files on Monday during business hours, it will likely be ready by 4:30pm on Wednesday. If you submit on Friday during business hours, your work will be ready by 4:30pm on Tuesday the following week. Files submitted over the weekend or after business hours in the evening will be registered as “submitted” the next following business day.

If you select the “Rush Order” option for an additional $20 fee you MUST speak with the Tech Center lab aides ahead of time so they are aware of when you need your file printed and that it meets your project timeline/deadline.

Payment is accepted in the form or cash or check. Checks must be made out to the SCA Department of Art + Design. If paying by cash, please have exact change. Payment is required before you take your print out of the lab, therefore you must pick-up large format prints during business hours 9:00am-4:30pm so you can pay.

Epson 4880 and 4900 Printers

The Tech Center has two Epson 4880 printers, one with Matte Black ink (MK) and one with Photo Black ink (PK). There is also an Epson 4900 printer capable of switching between Matte and Photo Black inks. Each printer can accept paper sizes up to 17 inches wide. These are self-service printers. If you have had instruction on how to print to these printers, you are welcome to log in and use them, provided you supply your own paper.

The PDF linked below provides full instructions for printing to the 4880 and 4900 printers.

Printing Instructions

Only high-end inkjet papers that have an icc profile are to be used with these printers. The following brands are recommended:

  • Epson
  • Red River
  • Hahnemuhle
  • Moab

If you would like more details about paper type before you purchase paper, please consult with your instructor regarding print requirements, or with the Coordinator of the Technology Center.

Sheets of Epson Enhanced Matte and Epson Premium Glossy paper are sold for use on the Epson 4880 and 4900 printers. Sheets are sold through the Tech Center Coordinator on Monday through Friday between 9:00a.m. and 4:30p.m. Available sizes and costs are listed below.

  • 8.5 x 11″ Epson Enhanced Matte: $1.00
  • 8.5 x 11″ Epson Premium Glossy: $1.50
  • 11 x 17″ Epson Premium Glossy: $2.50
  • 13 x 19″ Epson Enhanced Matte: $3.00


The Tech Center has scanners that can scan both two-dimensional and transparent (film) materials. The maximum two-dimensional scanner bed is 12 x 17 inches, and up to 8 x 10 inch film can be scanned. The scanners are used across the art disciplines for project development and documentation purposes. Students and staff may use the scanners anytime the Tech Center is open. If you need assistance with the scanners, feel free to consult with a Tech Center aide or the coordinator.

epson v700 scanner


Wacom Cintiq Displays

The Tech Center has two Wacom Cintiq 21UX interactive pen displays. These displays combine the advantages of an LCD monitor with the natural feel of drawing and painting. Our Graphic + Media Design students use these often, but they have many applications to be used across all art disciplines. Training appointments may be made at the Tech Center to learn how to use the display.

Laser Cutter

The Tech Center’s laser cutter has become a popular tool for developing art and design works. It is used across disciplines including Printmaking, 3-D Design, Graphic + Media Design, and Interior Design.

Class meetings can be arranged with the Coordinator of the Tech Center to discuss projects and file set-up guidelines for working with the laser cutter. This document provides more detailed information on Laser Cutting.

The laser cutter is operated by the Coordinator of the Tech Center. The substrate (the material to be cut or etched) must be provided by the student/faculty. Laser cutter jobs with long etch times may be subject to a nominal fee.

The laser cutter requires vector-based files (files created with Adobe Illustrator or other vector-based program) for cutting and etching. Your Adobe Illustrator document should be in RGB Color Mode with 100% RGB Black lines for “cut” and 100% RGB Red lines for “etch” with all vectors set to “no fill” with a stroke weight of 0.25pt. The laser cutter will print directly from Illustrator. This document provides more detailed information on file prep.
The laser cutter will print directly from Illustrator so please share your Adobe Illustrator file as an .ai document. Files must be submitted via Google Drive using your Sage email account. Please share your file directly with the Tech Center email: techcenter(at) You must also arrange a meeting with the Coordinator to look over your file to make sure that it will cut or etch the way you expect it to and discuss your substrate materials. You can also drop off your substrate material at the time of your meeting. When the job is complete, you will receive an email from the Tech Center that your piece is ready for pick up. This document provides more detailed information on file prep.

If you are planning to have a color inkjet print cut with the laser, you will need to print it yourself and bring it to your appointment with the Coordinator. If your print needs to be large format you will need to submit a large format print order to the Coordinator, please also share those documents directly with the Tech Center email: techcenter(at) Please refer to the section on this webpage “Large Format Printing” to see how you should export your inkjet print file. You must arrange a meeting with the Coordinator to look over your submitted files to make sure that it will print and then cut or etch the way you expect it to.
The laser cutter can cut and etch a variety of substrates. Students and faculty must supply their own substrates, and substrates my not exceed 18 x 29 inches. It is highly recommended that you provide a sample of your substrate for an etch/ cut test to get an idea of what the final piece will look like. Click here to see a list of substrates that can be cut and/ or etched.
Piedmont Plastics, located in Albany, provides a wide variety of substrates.
LaserBits specializes in laser engravable products.
Arlene’s Artist Materials, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and hardware stores also carry materials that can be purchased locally.

3-D Printing

The Tech Center has two MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3-D printers. If you are interested in creating something to be 3-D printed, check out the links to the right to get started, or swing by the Tech Center and speak with the Coordinator.

There are many ways to prepare a file for 3-D printing. Some of the ways our department has created 3-D files include using SketchUp, Sculptris, Adobe Photoshop, or Autodesk. Ultimately, the MakerBot can print .stl or .obj files. Some of the previously mentioned programs generate these file types, some need plugins to generate these file types. If you are interested in seeing how your .stl or .obj file will print, you can add your file to the MakerBot MakerWare print software (download here) and generate a print preview. This preview will tell you how long the print will take and roughly how much filament will be used. If you don’t want to download the software, you can use any of the Tech Center Mac’s.
When you are ready to print, make an appointment with the Tech Center Coordinator to deliver your file. Your file will be reviewed to determine whether or not your file will need to be printed with supports, a raft, or both, and how long your print will take. You can also let the Coordinator know what color filament you would like your file printed in at this time.

Toshiba printing from MAC or WINDOWS Laptops

As of the fall 2015 semester, all printing to campus printers happens through the client PaperCut, and will incur a charge when printing from your Sage username and password. To have PaperCut installed on your MAC or WINDOWS laptop, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. In the meantime, you can web print using Papercut, or you can print using any computer station in the Art + Design Technology Center, ADB classrooms (when classes aren’t taking place), or other campus locations.

There is a Black & White Toshiba printer/copier in the Tech Center and a Color Toshiba printer/copier upstairs in Room 303 that students can send files to for printing through PaperCut.

While the Knowledge Base does provide the PaperCut and campus printer drivers for WINDOWS, it is highly recommended that WINDOWS users work with the ITS Helpdesk to properly install these items.

If you would like to try and install PaperCut onto your PC yourself, please follow these steps:

  • First Step to install Papercut (on pc)
    • Ctrl+r
    • \\papercut
    • -pc-client
    • -student
    • -local-install
  • Next Step to add printer
    • Windows key + R
    • \\printer-lab
    • sage\username
    • Password
    • Choose the printer

If you need additional help, please visit the HelpDesk in the Armory on the Albany Campus to inquire about PaperCut software installation or go to to submit a service request for assistance.

Model Release Forms

If you are photographing, video or audio recording a model, please use a Model Release Form.

Binders of printed forms are available in the Lighting Studio and in the Technology Center.

Your model reads and signs the form, as does a witness. If multiple models are being used, each model must sign their own form. You retain the signed release for your records

There is a long and short version of the Model Release Form. Choose the version that best fits your records.
Model Release- Long

There is a long and short version of the Model Release Form. Choose the version that best fits your records.
Model Release Form – Short

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