Natali Cobb

Interior + Spatial Design

Poughkeepsie Correctional Transition Assistance Program
My goal in all of my designs is to create innovative, inspiring spaces that promote the overall health and wellbeing of the end user. The main focus of this project is the mental health of incarcerated people. My design aims to create spaces that mimic normal life. The facility was designed to be less like a prison and more like a college campus. To accomplish this, I created six main buildings, all with a distinctive purpose. Residents at this facility can walk freely throughout the campus and access buildings as needed. All of the materials used were selected specifically for this niche project, with durability and longevity as forefront factors. Heterogeneous sheet was chosen to mimic hardwood floors, but is extremely durable, and does not have planks that can be pulled up, like hardwoods and other LVTs. Color psychology was considered throughout the spaces in the design, with yellow and blue being the most prominent. While yellow is known to be a high-emotion color, it also increases mental focus and Serotonin levels. Blue is a very calming color that evokes creativity and thought. These two colors together create inspiring, home-like spaces throughout the facility.