Forest Festival
Video presentation, 4:40

Makaylah Macko

Graphic + Media Design

I am a non-conforming graphic designer and photographer who values a strong attention to detail. I strive to leave an impact on others through my positive and humor-based designs. My design approach is bold, fun, and quirky which lets me be expressive and be unapologetically me. I experiment and jump right into the deep end without any second thoughts other than designing something weird and fresh. This process allows me to be quick and efficient. Setting no boundaries to confine me, makes designing solutions more fun. I want to leave others with positivity and laughter, even if it is just for a second when they come across my work. Knowing, this is what motivates me to design the most unique solutions that only I can create.

Explore Nature, Forest Festival, Losing Hair
Poster design, 13 x 19"

Forest Festival Swag
Bucket hat, t-shirt, rack card, stickers, temporary tattoos