Lauren Halek

Graphic + Media Design

Top Trumps card packs have been a family favorite since 1976.
Their current visuals appeal to a family demographic, but the aim of this project is to increase the appeal of Top Trumps packs for 18 to 25 year olds. They need to value these packs, as collectible items and a fun game to play. Gen Z experiences great excitement for the things from their childhood, so a 90s and aughts design will attract their attention and play on their cravings to relive their childhood experiences with friends. Gen Z gravitates towards games, toys, animated movies, shows, and snacks from before the digital age they grew up in, something more simple, and without the pressures of adulthood. They are more likely to buy products that make them feel nostalgic, so this project will introduce the Remember This? line, which will implement this content. The game will also be offered through GamePigeon on iOS, an app that integrates games into text messages, to ensure everyone can experience the energy surrounding the new Top Trumps packs. In 2016, GamePigeon was #1 in the free section of the app store, so the majority of Gen Z was in high school and playing this game when it was released.

Remember This?
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