Kami Perkins

Graphic + Media Design

Ever since I was able to pick up a pencil, all I could do was draw. Illustration is my 2nd language and anything I cannot express with words, I express with pictures. My woes, my joy, everything I feel can be put on digital art one way or another.

With the way the world is currently with politics and rights being taken away, it saddens the fuck out of me that this is how we are as a society. There is both things not taken seriously or things taken way too seriously, with very little balance between.

Art is a way for me and many others to highlight these issues and bring awareness that thing need to change. Whether or not they do is up to chance, but at least putting yourself out there is a bravery in itself. My personal way to do things is to both in humor and inclusion.

My advice to every young artist out there, do what makes you happy. And if you’re loud and proud about your art, be louder and prouder.

The Case For Them
Public awareness campaign

Animal Tested Cosmetics
Animated infographic