Jacqueline Hilliard

Graphic + Media Design

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always liked to draw and develop ideas based on my interests. Back then, I often drew my inspirations from animals and pop-culture. Much of that has stayed the same as an adult, but lately I’ve also become interested in other cultures, especially after connecting more with my heritage. Illustration was my main outlet for expressing my interests and creating something unique to me and my experiences. Starting with a blank canvas and developing what you imagined into a tangible form has always been appealing to me.

Design feels much the same way, where you start with little and develop it into something more. The ability to elevate expression into something professional that communicates a message beyond just words is truly stunning. This problem-solving, in a way, reminds me of all the puzzle games I used to play as a kid. With no easy way to look up the answers, I just played with it until I figured out the correct outcome. What’s great about illustration and design is that there is not just one answer, but many.

It’s fun to sometimes just play around and enjoy the process.

DashBox by DoorDash
Brand campaign