Jacob Laverdiere


Jacob Laverdiere

Graphic + Media Design

Hello, my name is Jacob Laverdiere. I'm an experimental graphic designer that likes to try new things. I'm laid back but still produce amazing work. When I'm not experimenting in Photoshop or after effects, I make pixel art. Pixel art video games that were made in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras were my childhood. I have fond memories of being in my family room getting ready to play some Dig Dug or being at Christmas with my family and getting the new Kirby game exploding with joy ready to take on this new world. Video games are a source of inspiration to me. Something about a world that doesn’t exist in reality but was made to feel real is so intriguing to me. I believe that low graphic pixel art games were meant to spark adventure and curiosity into young adults which can carry over into reality. These retro video games inspired me to become a designer, to give someone the same feeling I had when I was young because nothing beats the sound of a Gameboy loading up at 10am with a fresh cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

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