Eliana Yanoff

The Flugs’ Ritual
3D modeling and digital illustration
11 x 19"

Eliana Yanoff

Art + Extended Media

Since I first picked up a crayon I've joyously scribbled absurd dreamscapes filled with humorous child-like whimsy and quirky characters. Even as an adult, I approach my art with that same imagination and curiosity I had as a kid. I source my ideas from my fantastical dreams, puns, wordplay, and non sequiturs, as well as media that has inspired me over the years like anime and theatre. My work blends the mundanity of domestic life with the surreal, absurd, and fanciful. As someone on the Autism spectrum, subtle intricacies and cues of conversation that come naturally to others tend to fly right over my head most of the time. It takes only a few missing pieces of context to turn something ordinary into something ridiculous! I like to utilize humor, and making people laugh has been my way of connecting with others and winning them over.

Eliana Yanoff

Warmups and Stretches
Digital illustration
11 x 17"

Eliana Yanoff - Goofs Gags and Random Junk

Goofs, Gags, and Random Junk
Book, digital illustration, 32 pages
7 x 7"

Eliana Yanoff

Crazy Claws
Digital illustration and 3D modeling
21.5 x 12.25"