Last of the Light
Archival inkjet print, digital illustration
30 x 22"

Chloe Harrison

Art + Extended Media

My art is a conversation with No One. I speak to them unfiltered, telling them my struggle between courage and cowardice, fear of ostracism, and the loneliness of this existence. I can never scare no one away with these thoughts because they were never there to begin with. Through these one-sided conversations, I seek truth in connecting and forming relationships. In my work, birds and animals serve as no one. Leaving my comfort zone is a hard choice to make, unlike a fledgling who is pushed out of the nest with no choice but to fly. I am always met with hesitation at the rim of this bird's nest. Stuck between my own familiar solitude and the uncertainty that is beyond it. Like singing in a dawn chorus, my art speaks louder and with honesty that I am not capable of sharing with voice alone.


It Ends Here
Archival inkjet print, digital illustration
30 x 22"


Hold it Together
Steel and string sculpture
42 x 13 x 13.5"

If you could unravel all the choices you’ve ever made, what would that single thread look like? The need to go back and decipher it all, leads to nowhere but this moment of falling apart. Is it ok to leave all of these tangles and knots as loose ends?


Forgot How to Function
Matboard, string
126 x 78"

This dysfunctional flock is all you got
They’re supposed to help you move forward, but they’re not good at what they do
Pulling a thread, lifting a foot, taking an awkward step
How far will they get before you fall apart?

Letters to No One
Mixed media
Display case, 78 x 37"
Wall space, 126 x 78"