Hardcover book, 12 x 12"

Ariel McBride

Graphic + Media Design

Some of the most common themes that infiltrate my work are fantasy and the joy of subtle storytelling. All of my work starts off as a simple thought, but branches off when I go further into working on the piece. Said thoughts can range from landscapes, fantastical creatures, sci-fi, mythology. Another characteristic that constantly infiltrates my work, whether it’s a tiny sketch or a complete piece, is a dichotomy of humor and sarcasm. This can range from a giant demon showing unusual affection, to an innocent-looking child cursing profusely. When I create work such as illustrations, the image is always technically drawn twice. The environment and the ‘skeletons’ of the characters are drawn, allowing mistakes to be cleaned away and the image to be perfected. After that’s done, the image gets drawn over again, with the lines and creases being drawn in. I love paying the most attention to the smallest sections of a piece even if they’re as small as a few pixels. These details can create a lot of depth. I also enjoy using vast amounts of color, as using different ones creates contrast as well as hiding spots for details that can be found the second time the work is viewed. Said color is enforced by my desire for illustrating fictional work, as fiction is known for having little to no boundaries. My goal is to create work that catches the eye and tells an entertaining story that can differ from person to person.

The Nine Circles of Sauce
Hardcover book, 12 x 12"

AS/NT Relationships
Series of three animated videos