Ana Vo

Ana Vo

Interior + Spatial Design

Group Home For Boys
Exceptional design solutions stem from the understanding and application of design strategies with an attention to detail that is able to leave an inspiring, long lasting impression.

I believe design driven by whole-hearted mindfulness is where the true artistry of design lies. Having the ability and responsibility of creating spaces that awaken the senses of the people, is a duty most fulfilling. To me, interior design is an undervalued and sacred craft that involves both the psyche, and the relationship of people to their environment that they spend so much of their priceless time in. Function and aesthetics are the essence of all, and if we can excel in such things - leaving a legacy that spans and affects moments, or even lifetimes - would that not be the seed that brings purpose to design? To study the details of its art form is a skill worth internalizing. To be able to learn the roots of its true intention is the objective of notable impression.