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Sage College once again named Top Design School by Graphic Design: USA

Once again, our Graphic + Media Design Department has been named one of the top in the country by Graphic Design: USA. The publication compiled a list of institutions which they feel prepare students to work in the design profession. They selected schools were chosen based on a mix of objective and subjective factors, including Graphic Design: USA's decades-long relationships with designers, students, educators, recruiters.
According to GD:USA, "Education is more important than ever as the lines between the studio and the classroom, the office and the academy, the university and society, continue to blur."
We're proud to announce our selection as a Top Design School and to be listed with schools such as Auburn University, Carnegie Mellon, Cranbrook, Maryland Institute College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, and School of Visual Arts.

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Jared Schafer (2013): Designer at Upside Collective

[header type="3"]Graphic + Media Design, 2014[/header]

Designer/Motion Graphics
Upside Collective Marketing and Communications
Albany, NY

[blockquote author="Jared Schafer"]Sage is a family. It supports and aids you as you learn and grow, and then sends you into the world proud and prepared.[/blockquote]