Work While You Sleep

2015 AIGA Upstate NY Student Portfolio Workshop.

Bottom line: along with your book (or iPad, or both!), you need a website. It’s cost effective, people can view it worldwide, motion and interactive work is better represented, it’s easy to update, and employers will look at you online before offering an interview. YOU NEED A WEBSITE!

Plan it. Design it. Build it.
Requires web hosting and a domain name. If you’re confident with HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, jQuery and a bit of Javascript, do it yourself! Seriously consider the DIY approach if you’re interested in UI/UX design. Show them what you’re made of!

WordPress backend with customizable theme.
With over 74 million sites, Wordpress has become the new standard in web design. You will most likely be working on WordPress sites for clients anyway so why not jump in and learn now?!**
Web Hosting
Many web hosts include a “one-click WordPress install” and domain name. Buy your web hosting FIRST!**

Portfolio Service
Build your online portfolio fast and easy. Includes web hosting.
So maybe the DIY or WordPress solution isn’t for you. Try a portfolio service instead. Most provide web hosting and allow a custom domain name too. Monthly fees, options, and ease of use will vary so do your homework before you invest!



You can use the following tools on their own, but it would BEST to use them IN ADDITION with your website.***

*Tested and highly recommended.

Social Media
Obviously, social media is great but remember that employers will be Googling you and checking out your social profiles to get an idea of who you are and what you’re like. Creepy? Meh, not really. You’ll be creepin’ on them too right?! Don’t sweat it too much. Just be hyper-aware of what’s out there on you. Make your social media private (duh) but also post things that the public can see. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, just be professional about it.

To conclude
You need a book (or iPad, or both!) to bring to the interview. But you first need to GET an interview. YOU NEED A WEBSITE! …and social media to get noticed. You want to be part of this industry don’t you? Then prove it and start contributing to the online conversation. Get out there. We want to meet you!