Gender-neutral brand, packaging, & website
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Rachel Kolb

Graphic + Media Design

I constantly draw inspiration from the colors and textures of the world around me, as well as utilizing geometric shapes and line, and in turn, I bring a unique and interesting twist to every project I involve myself in. The combination of different media I use in my work results in cohesive designs that are able to pop off of a page and bring the subject matter to life. Having an overwhelming sense of empathy and desire to create change, as well as involving myself in a form of activism through my work, allow me to connect with the community around me and give a voice to topics that are important to both me and the intended target audience. After studying for years and collaborating on several projects, I realized that it doesn’t only take natural talent to be an artist, but also curiosity, a clever eye, and worldly experience.


Pawfect Harmony
App prototype, iPhone 12 Pro Max
Responsive sizes