RISO printed zine, digital illustrations
8.5 x 5.5"

Noah Ross

Graphic + Media Design

Hey, my name is Noah Ross and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I best describe myself as creative, adventurous, and compassionate. I utilize my skills in design to further my creativity but also make things that inspire positive change. I use illustrations to enhance my designs and as a way to guide the viewer through the work and keep them motivated to see more. I think that within design the use of illustrations creates a much more personable and relatable feeling for the viewer. All of these things and more are poured over my work to create deliverables that are well thought out and genuine. When I am not glued to my computer or iPad I like to escape from everyday life and enjoy being outside riding bikes, hiking, and camping. The love of the outdoors and nature is a huge inspiration to me and my work and is what keeps me going.


Animated Infographic
2:30 1080p


The Horrors of Mask Pollution
Inkjet print, digital illustration
36 x 48"