"Nuggs Of Gold"
Package design

Noah Gribben

Graphic + Media Design

My work as an artist and creator strives to connect the two worlds of graphic design and industrial construction. The graphic works that resonate most with my personal interest and true self are those that lean more towards the physical; the projects I can physically touch, sculpt and build. I have a strong passion for package and die line construction and feel my contemporary building skills allow me something unique to offer this market. I enjoy allowing for viewer interpretation rather than ownership information to those that view the work I produce. Many of my works focus on the abstract and that, that may not be a true reality, rather a fragment of some other known truth, a juxtaposition between the real and the hyperreal. In all I make, I strive to create a memory, a lasting impression of my work, and yes, Me too! My hope is that my works challenge the standard conventions of what is normal, as well as making an impact in the lives of those that see my work and use my services.