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Nick Dowd

Graphic + Media Design

I’ve always aimed to make things visually interesting for myself for no reason other than I get bored VERY easily. In high school, there wasn’t a single thing I owned that wasn’t covered in doodles and patterns to keep myself sane in the drab white walls of the building.

This ideology has extended into my design work, as I strive to have everything I make be something that would catch my eye immediately and hold it for at least 4 seconds before my brain reroutes to something new. This quick boredom I have means that I can’t make time for things that are bland to look at, I need it to be something special in order to be enthused at all. That need helps push me to make work as visually interesting as possible, usually centering around brighter and more dynamic color schemes, with a lot of my influences stemming from 80’s and 90’s design aesthetic.