Makenna Ashley

Interior + Spatial Design

Restaurant Redesign
As designers, we have the knowledge and responsibility to change the way humans live and function throughout life. Design is not only the blueprint of our history but also a reflection of our society and culture. I believe that exceptional design is more than an appealing aesthetic, it is a multi-layered and intuitive experience. As I explore the intersection of psychology and biomimicry design, I strive to change the way we approach sustainable design. My end goal is to achieve restorative solutions and reconnect communities.

Design is an ever-changing entity in itself. It is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the demands of society. Over the past year, the world has seen one of the biggest pandemics in its history due to COVID-19. My capstone project “Restaurant Redesign” is a response to the many challenges the restaurant industry has faced. Not only has it been responsible for millions of lost jobs and thousands of permanently closed businesses, it has also played a major role in the desocialization of society. My goal for this project is to create a new and safe model to help restaurants adapt and thrive through obstacles such as Covid-19.