"The C Word"
Animated infographics

Katelyn Pohlmann

Graphic + Media Design

As a cynical, nihilistic hell-raising little shit, I design because I have something to say about the world. I use digital, print, motion, and experience design to express what my brain is playing on a loop in a wacky yet pragmatic way. Sometimes, it’s a scathing indictment of the state of American politics. Other times, it’s just me dickin’ around because I have the full Adobe Creative Suite at my disposal. My work is characterized by my use of bold colors and strange typefaces. I enjoy creating flat graphics, though sometimes it’s nice to step back and wreak a little havoc on the viewer’s sense of depth. My work is an honest reflection of who I am and what I’m thinking about; the good, bad, and downright stupid. Graphic design is the thing I’m most passionate about, and I can’t wait to keep making weird stuff for clients who will appreciate my style.

"#BK Delivers"
Advertising Campaign