"Immortal of War" 
10 x 9.5 x 14.5"
Clay, acrylic, gold leaf, TV parts and tubing

Justyn Werts

Art + Extended Media

 make art to depict the horrors of war and poverty as well as addressing the issues we believe to have vanished long ago but still persist to this day such as imperialism and slavery. I create these works to satisfy my own need to have voice in the matter, my dad being a marine inspired me to delve into the themes of war and my own experiences with poverty and class struggles has made me even more invested in the social issues my works wish to depict. I take these experiences and mix them with cyberpunk and futurist as an aesthetic since they provide a platform for which I can show that themes of war, poverty, slavery and imperialism, implying that they will persist into the future since they still persist today. I believe wars connect to these things since it is through poverty a war machine can continue by grabbing up kids from impoverished backgrounds and putting them into uniforms, a sort of militarization of poverty. With these ideas in mind I sketch and create characters that live through these experiences and the situations they see in war and everything that surrounds it showing disdain for it.