"Forever Melded"
Acrylic paint, joint compound, and sugar with glue
24 x 24" 

"Formed a New" 
Acrylic paint, faux fur, and joint compound
36 x 24"

Julia Miner

Art + Extended Media

My textural paintings of abstracted landscapes explore the ideas of innocence and decay. I use a pallet that consists of candy, stuffed animal materials, and vibrant pastel colors. I play with the corrosion of nostalgia and memories while holding onto childlike optimism. My world has been altered with a constant vibrating visual texture. Deterioration has become unavoidable in my life and is no longer a negativity, but a part of me. I welcome and encourage both
delight and putrefaction to coexist. I use the sense of touch as a source of sight to navigate through life and art. Building layers I construct and paint distorted and discolored imagery inspired by my surroundings. I translate bits and pieces of visual information to fabricate a new reality that lies in the comfort of unease. My work embraces the ideas of joy and deterioration
while abstracting the world.

"Tarnished Comfort"
Acrylic paint, faux fur, and dirt with glue
48 x 24" 

"Vibrant Serenity"
Acrylic paint and joint compound on board
36 x 24" 

"What Was"
Acrylic paint, gel medium, and assorted candles
24 x 24" each