Holly Blakely

Interior + Spatial Design

Adirondack Basecamp: Adventure and Climbing Training Center
Adirondack Basecamp was inspired by my personal love for the outdoors and my desire to get others outside as well. I have seen firsthand outdoor incidents where someone put themselves and others in danger because they lacked the primary navigation or equipment knowledge. In recent years people continue to move away from cities looking to get back in touch with nature and are trying more adventurous activities. But this desire does not come with the know-how to survive outside. Considering many people learn these skills from family or friends, if someone does not have a person to be a mentor for them, they wing it or do not go, and neither outcome is desirable. My goal is to get more people outside safely by giving them a community to learn adventure skills safely.

As a designer, I strive to produce unique resilient solutions to challenges through comprehension, compassion, and creativity.