Emma Myers

Interior + Spatial Design

Birmingham Community Market
Food insecurity is a complex global issue that has been a problem ever since the switch to farming from hunting and gathering. The problem isn’t lack of food; enough food is produced yearly to feed the world’s population. The problem stems from various social and economic factors. More programs and initiatives must be implemented and designed to reduce food insecure communities within the United States.

I chose food insecurity as my capstone topic because I’ve seen it first hand in my town. I live in a small town with little to no options for healthy, locally grown food. As a designer, I wanted to create a space that would allow community members to buy healthy food and learn more about nutrition and eating healthy. The Birmingham Community Market’s objective is to help reduce food insecurity by providing direct access to nutritious food to the community through indoor vertical farming, education, a teaching kitchen, and a public farmer’s market. My project’s overall goal is to invite an all-encompassing space for the community to become healthier.