"SHE - Strong Healthy Empowered"
Digital and print ad campaign

Emilee Porter

Graphic + Media Design

A quiet, keep to myself kind of girl, I use design as a way to stand out when talking isn’t enough. With the use of print, digital, and video design I am able to show what is going through my busy mind. When I am silent, I may be daydreaming of a bright cartoonish place or thinking of a thousand different ideas at once.

My designs use of bold, saturated colors. I strive to bring positivity and joy through my designs by looking at the bright side. Although I explore serious topics with photography to evoke emotions.

Design keeps me sane and I appreciate the challenges that I am faced with. I look forward to working with clients to bring more positive stories into the world with design.

"BBC at the Festivals"
Digital ad campaign, website

"BBC at the Festivals"
Digital ad campaign, mobile app

"Way of Living"
Archival Inkjet Prints
18 x 12"