"London International 5G Festival"
Digital and print campaign
Logo design, posters, billboards, promo video

Eli Kligerman

Graphic + Media Design

I am a young designer with an enthusiasm for solving problems. I love the challenges each project presents and the examination of different solutions. I believe there is never just one solution and I have a true proclivity for experimentation. Only through trial and error, can the truest form be realized.

Every day I strive to learn a new skill or technique. For in order to reach our true potential, we must continually look for ways to improve. I am inspired by and drawn to both late and postmodernism, swiss international, as well as futurism. I’m also a lifelong reader of graphic novels and find that much of my inspiration comes from the pages of artists like Frank Miller and Will Eisner.

I seek to make viewers question what they already know, encouraging them to explore their subconscious in an effort to engage with my visual messages. I aim to communicate, experiment, and never stop learning to create timeless, and unique designs.

"Adidas Empower Camps"
Digital and print campaign
Posters, flyers, billboard