"Astral Self Portrait"
12 x 12"
Video projection on wood

Connor Farrell

Art + Extended Media

I am interested in how the presentation of media affects our perception of it. I want to explore the relationship between sacred and secular spaces that are often overlooked. I intend to blur the line of digital and analog techniques to explores the consecration of secular media through a post-ritual artistic process.

In my studio work, I redirect the intention of these common rituals to become a sanctified practice. Mixing these processes in seemingly illogical ways allows for a level of uncertainty in the results. I want to allow the seemingly random anomalies of analog to digital conversion (and vice versa) to let the chaos of the universe to have a hand in my work. The digital works I make often have an element of chaos or unpredictability in the image-making process like intentionally bad scans or corrupting code of a digital file.

"Just One Breath" 
34 x 26"
LCD screen embedded in wooden frame