Life’s A Hike
Shoe Guide Card insert
3.5 x 2"

Cassidy Schaeffer

Graphic + Media Design

The Adirondack Park in upstate New York brings many visitors
ranging from 20 to 50-year-olds. Hikers are typically outdoorsy men and women, and most recently, serious gym-goers who want to exercise outdoors during the pandemic. A major activity in the Adirondacks is hiking. The Adirondacks cover six million acres, an area equal to the size of the state of Vermont. But, in the past two years, the amount of search and rescues has increased by one-third. During 2019, the Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers received 337 search and rescue calls in the Adirondacks. An increase of 155 calls was made in 2020 for a total of 492. In an interview with New York Forest Ranger, Lt. Christopher Kostoss, he said that this is because hikers are unprepared: this includes not knowing your level of physical ability in relation to the trail, not wearing proper footwear for the conditions, and not informing someone where you’re going. A good number of search and rescues could have been avoided. It’s important new visiting hikers understand and know the proper way to approach hiking and know there’s a risk. In order to make every hiker prepared and ready while approaching a hike, they should have the 10 essentials with them every time. I’ve designed a pre-packed hiking kit of the essentials and an outline of emergency procedures ensuring hikers have this information on hand. This will help prevent risk, encourage preparedness and make hiking more enjoyable for all.

Magazine Set Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Stop and Take Care of You
Emergency Booklet
3.5 x 5"


Theory Of Mind
44 x 35"

The faces captured are made from innocence and joy. As life goes on we worry too much what others think and our innocence depletes. There is a pure beauty of the mind of a child. They don’t think twice of making a crazy face for a formal image or care for if they look silly in public.