"Blorf "
Clay, acrylic, resin, flies

Caitlin Boyer

Art + Extended Media

My work is the product of a longing for companionship with beings that represent an internalized version of myself. I visualize these creatures and their environments through free-drawings and writings. This process allows me to avoid artist-block by creating a flow. I recreate my ideas in sculpture and in digital media and enjoy the physicality of sculpture while also envisioning the concept digitally. My creatures are bizarre, cute, and distasteful. They embody my insecurities. My work represents the places where weird is embraced and imperfections are beautiful blemishes. These creatures are capable of multi-factorial expression, allowing many unique personalities to arise. I wish to spread positivity with my work. Horror is consistently seen as a negative thing, and through my work, I want to allow it a chance of being a good thing, even cute. Through art, I can express a deeper version of myself, one that is braver, more confident, and stronger. By fostering this self-complexity and positivity, I create worlds and creatures that are accepting of their flaws and imperfections.


"Gall Beats"
Clay, acrylic, batting, velvet and electronics