Alyssa Nichols

Interior + Spatial Design

Cultural Education Center for Black Women & Girls
Deciding to do my project on a cultural education center for black women and girls stemmed from my own personal experience. Growing up I was raised by my white single mother who worked extremely hard trying to keep me connected to my roots. It was difficult as a black girl growing up because my mother, despite all her effort, did not have the same life experiences I was having. From things as simple as styling my texture of hair to dealing with racism and being a black girl in society today, she could not relate. A facility like the one I am designing would have been life-changing for my mother, me, and my confidence growing up. My goal for this project is to break this cycle of young black women being ignored and mistreated.

I believe through observation and research a designer can create meaningful environments promoting function, engagement, and well-being. My Design Philosophy has guided me through creating the Emanuel Cultural Education Center for Black Women and Girls.