Abby Lammon

Interior + Spatial Design

Reimagining Early Childhood Education
Environments for Safety & Creativity
The inspiration for this project has been my experience in childcare. Working for five years in an elementary school, I started to wonder why anyone would ever want to hurt children and interfere with their welfare. I would find myself contemplating the safety and security of the spaces, and how design could impact or prevent such catastrophic events. Current schools are simply outfitted trying to accommodate for new technology and ideas they were not constructed for. This only further cultivates an institutional environment. Inspired by how schools are falling behind times and not serving those inside, I saw the need to create an environment emphasizing creativity, emotional wellness, and safety for the ultimate education experience. This project allowed for design to become a physical learning experience.

I always approach a new design by imagining myself in the end-users position to the best of my ability. I try to understand them; their wants and needs, their feelings, comfortability, and safety. By placing myself in someone else's shoes I can envision a more suitable design for the individual project at hand. I strive to create inspirational environments through application and understanding that shape a better way for living.