Prof. Hovendick's work at Everson Museum

The ongoing series Undetermined Measurements by Sean Hovendick and John Wesley Mannion has been selected by the Everson Museum of Arts’ curator, Debra Ryan to be included in the biennial exhibition TONY: The Other New York 2012.

This exhibition held in Syracuse, NY features 63 artists in 14 different venues, showcasing the creativity of artists from Central and Upstate New York and surrounding areas. This is Syracuse’s most extensive exhibit of creativity ever hosted in the city.

Working under the pseudonym AREA, Hovendick and Mannion conduct “interventionist performances” in various urban and public settings dressed in masks and contamination suits. Undetermined Measurements makes people suddenly question the safety of our environment, sheds light on the uncertainty of our public freedoms and explores the comforts people take for granted in every day life.

Gallery installation