Prof. Dahlgren receives Judge's Choice Award

Professor Jean Dahlgren received a Judge’s Choice Award in the 2014 New York State of Design competition for her exhibition catalog “Perceptions.”  The catalog was produced for the 2014 Art + Design Faculty Exhibition at the Opalka Gallery. The competition is open to all designers residing in the state of New York and its mission is to “illuminate the junctions between business and design.”  Entrants were asked to explain the relationship between their work and their client’s goals. Dahlgren explained that her client, Opalka Gallery Director Elizabeth Greenberg, wanted to showcase the individual strengths of each faculty member in the catalog design. Dahlgren created a series of 20 postcards that featured each artist’s work, with their artists’ statements and bios printed on the backside. A custom folder with the exhibition title held all of the cards together and served as a visual metaphor for common workplace the artists share. Professor Dahlgren is an Associate Professor of Graphic + Media Design and is currently Chair of the Department of Art + Design. 



 to the entire state, open to members and non-members, individuals, and businesses. The only requirement – you must reside in the state of New York.