Admission to the Department of Art + Design

Freshman/first time students

Students applying to the Sage College of Albany Department of Art + Design should apply through Sage’s Admissions Office. Students may submit a portfolio of current work for scholarship consideration but one is not required for entry. All Art+Design students undergo a required assessment of their freshman portfolio at the end of their first year to ensure proper placement within the program of their choice.

Transfer students

Transfer students are required to submit a portfolio for review and acceptance into one of the four BFA programs within the Department.

What to include in your portfolio

Students should present a range of work, not just work from their desired major. Examples include drawings (still life, figure, architecture, landscapes etc.), photography, painting, digital work, 3-dimensional work, and any work that shows original ideas, creative compositions and good craftsmanship. Students should avoid submitting work that is derivative, copied or unoriginal.

Portfolio Submission

Portfolios may be submitted online at Instructions are provided on the website. Students may alternately request an on-campus portfolio review by contacting the admissions office at (888) 837-9724.

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