Art + Design at Sage

Our state-of-the-art studios, digital technology, and friendly learning environment will spark your creativity and inspire you to do your best work.

Who we are

At Sage, students broaden their artistic vision through intensive studio work, internships, service learning, and interdisciplinary opportunities such as the iThink Program. Our graduates leave Sage with the confidence to influence their world with creative vision, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

Accredited since 1978 by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), Sage’s Department of Art + Design features a faculty who are all accomplished, working professionals in their fields.

Our Programs

The Department of Art + Design features three major program areas — Graphic + Media Design, Interior + Spatial Design and Art + Extended Media, each of which offers its own Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree gives students the opportunity for in-depth study in their major and is the professional degree in the visual arts. In the senior year students participate in a juried thesis exhibition at the Opalka Gallery. BFA students in all program areas emerge with a portfolio suitable for graduate work in the Master of Fine Arts or for a career as a professional artist or designer.

In addition to their major, students may also choose to supplement their degree with a minor in art history or photography, or other minors offered at Sage. The minor in Art History is an excellent complement to a wide variety of major programs. It provides historical, critical and theoretical breadth, strengthens critical thinking, writing, and communication skills, and develops students for intellectual life. The minor in photography offers students the opportunity to take a variety of specialized photo courses including Studio Lighting and Alternative Processes.


Graphic + Media Design

Graphic + Media Design students incorporate traditional graphic design with motion, interactivity, and image creation.

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Interior + Spatial Design

Interior + Spatial Design Students learn to design for a wide range of interior spaces while becoming proficient in computer-aided design and presentation techniques.

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Art + Extended Media

Art + Extended Media students study a range of media, including drawing, painting, photography, scultpure and printmaking.

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About Sage

Situated in the University Heights neighborhood of New York’s capital city, the coed Sage College of Albany offers four-year degrees in a variety of majors to prepare students for the career goals they identify – and opportunities still to be imagined.

Sage College of Albany understands that the world is multidisciplinary. No one does just one thing anymore. The fastest-growing industries worldwide are communications, entertainment, information and graphics, which all draw on overlapping expertise – including an understanding of 21st century business practices.

Sage’s core educational curriculum is a three-course sequence in Innovation Thinking, affectionately dubbed i.Think and designed to impart skills for success in the 21st century. All students – regardless of their major – study creative problem solving, critical thinking, group interaction, leadership, and design thinking.

Sage College of Albany is located in the heart of New York’s capital city, on a 15-acre campus with a mix of charming brick buildings and sleek, modern buildings – including the renowned Opalka Gallery. The University Heights neighborhood is also home to The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Albany Medical College, and Albany Law School. The contiguous campuses participate in academic collaborations, and share a student center with dining facilities and a multi-campus bookstore.

To learn more, visit the Sage Colleges website.

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