Graphic + Media Design

The Graphic + Media Design program at Sage reflects our vision for the designer of tomorrow: an artist equally at home in graphic design, interactive design, motion design and illustration. Graphic + Media Design graduates leave our program ready to enter the profession as creative problem solvers and self-reliant critical thinkers, and they get good jobs when they graduate.


Here's what our students learn


Graphic Design

Graphic design communicates through the use of text and image. Our Graphic + Media Design students understand the micro-view of typography and the macro-view of solving problems. They develop their understanding of design theory and principles, their production skills, and their creative skills to organize, interpret, and enhance the visual message.


Interactive Design

Interactive design is the process of developing compelling experiences for users on a wide-range of digital media including web sites, mobile devices, kiosks and social media. At Sage, our students integrate these technologies with motion, graphic and image design to bring ideas to life that interact with an audience in unique and surprising ways.


Motion Design

Motion design expresses ideas with moving images and text to create innovative solutions that integrate art, entertainment and visual communication. Students use tools such as After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop to explore storyboarding, animation, shooting and editing video, audio production, and animated typography.


Image Design

Images are a key component of all aspects of design, and understanding how to create them and use them to communicate a message is the key to image design. Our students study the creation and application of all types of imagery, from traditional illustration and photography to storyboarding, infographics, and symbol and icon design.

Here's What Our Students Make

Our Program

Sage’s graphic design program has been around for over thirty years and is accredited by the prestigious National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Our program features small classes taught by excellent faculty who are also working professionals. We work closely with the design industry to ensure that our students have the creative and technical skills to be work-ready upon graduation.


Graphic + Media Design students are doing amazing things in the “real-world” thanks to our well-established Internship Program. Sage students have done internships in Boston, New York City, London and throughout the greater Capital Region of New York. Students cite the Internship Program as one of their best experiences at Sage, and many of our alumni have been hired as a direct result of their internships.

Learn more about our internships here.

Industry Connections

Our Graphic + Media Design students take advantage of many exciting opportunities to build their skills, their networks, and their portfolios with comprehensive reviews by professional organizations such at the Art Director’s Club and AIGA. In Sage’s AIGA student chapter, students network with members of AIGA and organize speaker and travel opportunities. Over the years, AIGA students have traveled to London, Italy, Greece, San Francisco, Memphis, Denver and New York.

Beyond the Classroom

Sage faculty and students have worked on many design projects for the greater Capital Region community including the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Albany Tulip Festival, Stratton V.A. Medical Center, and many others. In addition, Sage regularly brings in an impressive list of nationally recognized speakers including, in recent years, Milton Glaser, Paul Bacon, Allan Chochinov, Cheryl Heller, Ilise Benun, Michael Carabetta, and Steven Brower.

Graphic + Media Design Course Curriculum

Semester 1 (Fall)

  • DES 101 Rapid Visualization
  • ART 105 2D Design
  • GMD 217 Imaging I
  • Science Elective
  • HUM 112 Humanities II

Semester 2 (Spring)

  • DES 102 Spatial Design
  • GMD 225 Time Arts
  • GMD 220  Imaging II
  • Math 110 / 248
  • HUM 112 iThink I

Semester 3 (Fall)

  • ARH 205 Art History I
  • GMD 320 Imaging III
  • GMD 201 Type & Design I
  • GMD 203 Graphic Design I
  • Social Science Elective

Semester 4 (Spring)

  • ARH 206 Art History II
  • PHG 207 Digital Photography
  • GMD 218 Type and Design II
  • GMD 207 Graphic Design II
  • Science Elective

Semester 5 (Fall)

  • ARH 320 History of Graphic Design
  • GMD 301 Digital Production I
  • GMD 305 Interactive Design I
  • GMD 311 Graphic Design III
  • GMD 412 Digital Animation (or Gen. Elec.)

Semester 6 (Spring)

  • Art History Elective
  • GMD 306 Interactive Design II
  • iThink II
  • GMD 315 Business Practices
  • GMD 415 Motion Graphics (or Gen. Elec.)

Semester 7 (Fall)

  • GMD 405 Senior Capstone I
  • GMD 427 Internship (or Studio Elec.)
  • General Elective
  • General Elective
  • Social Science Elective

Semester 8 (Spring)

  • GMD 406 Senior Capstone II
  • GDN 420 Portfolio Preparation
  • GMD 348: Topics or studio elective
  • GMD 321 Digital Illustration (or Gen. Elec.)
  • General Elective
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