Graphic + Media Design Courses

GMD 201 Type & Design I

This course will introduce students to the concept of designing with type. Students will explore type as an element of design, using letters, words, and blocks of text. Students learn the anatomy of letterforms, aspects of form and space of words, and the relationship of paragraphs to the grid as it applies to single page compositions.

GMD 203 Graphic Design I

In this introductory course, students become familiar with the basic tools, techniques, terminology and materials of the graphic designer. Students will learn to apply basic design principles to form and message in order to solve visual communication problems. The design process will be explored through the completion of assigned projects that incorporate initial research, idea generation, and final presentation of a design solution.

GMD 207 Graphic Design II

This course will build upon the principles and concepts explored in Graphic Design I. Conceptual development, visual problem solving, project research, advanced typographic and advanced layout skills will be stressed. Projects and exercises will be assigned to help students explore these principles.

GMD 217 Imaging I

This introductory course will develop fundamental image design, creation and editing skills while exploring the process of creating visual communication solutions. Students will be introduced to the basics of digital input, process and output, critical thinking, creative problem solving and conceptual development.

GMD 218 Type & Design II

This course will build upon the fundamentals of type design in Type & Design I. Students will be introduced to the rules of typography and how to break those rules as well as modular and multi-column grid systems in the context of multi-page sequential projects. The finer points of typesetting, page layout, and publication design are also explored in this course.

GMD 220 Imaging II

This course continues to develop the image design skills introduced in Digital Imaging I with an emphasis on understanding the communicative aspects of images. Students will learn how tools, materials, and the principles of design work together to effectively represent an idea and explore the function, meaning and application of images used in visual communication.

GMD 301 Digital Production I

This course explores the processes of preparing graphic work for print, web, and electronic distribution. Numerous contemporary topics related to design and production such as printing specs, color profiles, image preparation and distribution will be explored. Projects will be created using a variety of software, within the context of professional standards and the digital workflow.

GMD 305 Interactive Design I

This course is an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of design, production and programming of interactive media. Students will learn a variety of techniques and methods for creating interactive content that heightens the user experience. An emphasis is placed on the proper application of leading-edge technology and coding to create unique projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

GMD 306 Interactive Design II

This course continues the development of skills introduced in Interactive Design I with an emphasis on non-linear interactive media. Students continue to study the process of design, production and programming of interactivity that includes sound, motion and user interaction. This course will further the student’s understanding of coding as a means to produce rich interactive content and applications.

GMD 311 Graphic Design III

This advanced design course emphasizes research methodology in graphic design. Students learn methods of qualitative and quantitative research; research strategies of competitive analysis, ethnographic research, user testing, and visual exploration; and research documentation. Design and the creative process, critical evaluation and professional presentations are also important elements of this course.

GMD 315 Business Practices for Visual Artists

This course will introduce students to the practice of working as a professional artist/designer. Topics will include professional standards and ethics, intellectual property law, finances, contracts, planning and organization, and professional relationships. Students will study current issues and the changing role of the artist/designer in contemporary society as they prepare for a career in the creative industry.

GMD 320 Imaging III

Imaging III is an advanced course in which students use a variety of media to create images that solve design problems. Students will examine the history and current field of illustration as well as principles of design theory to create images that effectively communicate a specific message. Prerequisites: ART 101 or DES 101 and GMD 217

GMD 321 Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration will explore a wide range of advanced, experimental techniques that combine traditional and digital media. Students will also study the fundamentals of illustration to create unique images that visually communicate ideas in a compelling manner. Prerequisites: ART 101 or DES 101 and GMD 217

GMD 405 Senior Capstone I

This course is a self-initiated research and development experience for students nearing completion of the BFA degree. Students begin with a thorough investigation of research methods used in art and design, then progress to the development of a project concept and written proposal. Faculty work closely with students to guide the progression of their research and project deliverables through individual advising, group critiques, presentations, lectures, field trips and writing seminars.

GMD 406 Senior Capstone II

This course enables students to expand and/or complete a body of work that begun in Senior Capstone I. Students will develop unique content and further their ability to express visual communication solutions through presentations, discussions and project development that push boundaries of traditional graphic and media design practice. Students are encouraged to explore opportunities for large-scale, collaborative and multi-dimensional projects.

GMD 412 Digital Animation

This course will study the history and principles of animation to further develop the understanding of time, motion, design and illustration. Students will create animations using a variety of traditional and digital techniques, exploring relative merits of specific projects and applications.

GMD 415 Motion Graphics

This course will focus on the fundamentals of contemporary motion design. Students will gain an understanding of the rhythms inherent to and imposed upon graphic objects within a screen-based medium. Topics include the integration and exploration of audio and video, use of motion graphics to enhance storytelling, and the development of personal style. Students will create projects that explore numerous areas of graphic and media design such as presentations, title sequences, television graphics, environmental design and commercial advertising.

GMD 420 Portfolio Preparation

This course focuses on the creation of professional portfolios for students preparing for careers in the creative industry and graduate school. During the course, existing projects are polished and new work is created to diversify the portfolio. Professional marketing materials are also created. Guest lectures, presentations and mock interviews augment this course.

GMD 427 Graphic Design Internship

The Graphic + Media Design internship allows the student to further the study of learned principles and gain valuable industry experience in a professional environment. Qualified students should be prepared to work at any number of internship sites such as a design studio, advertising agency, printing press, publishing company, interactive design firm or video production facility. Students will create a resume, cover letter and portfolio in preparation for the initial interview. A final presentation of work completed during the internship is required.

ARH 320 History of Graphic Design

This course is a survey of the history of graphic design. It traces the development of the tools of communication from the inception of writing through to present times, with an emphasis on 19th though 21st century design. The course also covers the impact of social, political, and cultural changes on visual communication.

GMD 348/448 Topics in Graphic + Media Design

The department may offer courses in Graphic + Media Design addressing contemporary topics and issues not otherwise included in the curriculum.

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