Art + Extended Media and Fine Art Graduates

What can you do with a BFA degree in Art + Extended Media or Fine Arts? Here’s where just a few of our recent graduates have ended up…

Chelsea Weber

Membership and Development Coordinator
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA)
North Adams, MA

“Sage was the catalyst for much of my success today. The fostering environment created by staff and educators challenged my every step and pushed me to discover my limits while exploring endless possibilities. Sage allowed me an affordable education, the opportunity to travel the world, and to always have a place to call home. “

Jakeb Kristiansen

Portrait Painter
Jakeb Kristiansen Portraits
Concord, NH

“The professors I had at Sage sincerely cared about their students personal growth in their respective fields and genuinely wanted them to succeed. Without the study abroad opportunity and the professors I had at Sage I don’t know if I would be the painter I am today.”

Ebony Dallas

Development & Special Events Intern
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
North Adams, MA

“Sage is a nurturing school with genuine professors, supportive staff, and innovative educational programming. At Sage I gained an invaluable learning experience with the allowance to freely explore my interests both inside and outside of the classroom. Sage was right for me!”

Danielle Godbout

User Interface Artist
Vicarious Visions
Menands, NY

“The Sage faculty stood out as teachers that truly cared about their student’s education. I finished out my degree at Sage and felt like I learned more in a semester than a year at any other state or private school I had attended. It’s where you end up that makes the rest of the journey worth the risk.”

Sydney Lussier

Art Teacher (K-12)
Schenectady City School District
Schenectady, NY

“My time at Sage was one of an exploration of different forms of art making, diving into art history, and becoming part of a community that embraced me even with all my unique quirks. Sage nurtured my childhood dream of becoming an art teacher into my reality.”

Amanda Miller

Session Photographer/Portrait Consultant
Nation Wide Studios
Gallatin, TN

“Thanks to the great programs, professors, and staff at Sage I now have a wonderful job traveling the country and getting to see places I never thought I would on my own.  This is an opportunity that I truly believe I would not have had without attending and experiencing all that Sage has to offer.”

Ashley V. Dzingle

Owner and Photographer
Ashley Virginia Photography
Albany, NY

“At Sage I was given both the freedom to set personal goals as an artist and the resources I needed to accomplish them. Above all, I wouldn’t be where I am today without some of the incredible professors who showed their constant support and guidance along the way.”

Heather Garrow

Freelance Photographer
Heather Garrow Photography
Rutland, VT

“When I first arrived at Sage, I was a very quiet person. I learned to speak my mind and not be afraid of what others will think or say, and at the same time learn to take constructive criticism to help me further my creativity. Sage was definitely my stepping stone in finding myself as an artist and becoming an adult.”

Sean B. McGiver

Photographic Collage Artist/Professor of Art
The School of Visual Arts
New York, NY

“I remember developing my first role of film in the darkroom during Linda Morrell’s class back in 2003. Her words of encouragement and the creative exploration in that class set me on a crazy path that I am still navigating. In 2004 Sage sent me on a scholarship to study in Paris and it change the way I will forever look at Art. Sage has played a large role in my career and I am grateful. Thanks Sage!”

Jacqueline Lynch

Freelance Photographer
Albany, NY

“Sage taught me the education and skills I needed to continue working in the field of my choice and to enjoy my educational experience.”

Katt Caradine

Starting a new paint and sip business, Brews and Brushes
Valatie, NY

“I had an amazing experience, looking back at it now. After looking through my work over the years, I realize how much knowledge I gained and how much better my art work became! I miss it! “

Valerie Gordon

Group Sales Agent and Adjunct Professor
Celtic Tours and Sage College of Albany
Albany, NY

“I always looked forward to getting to my classes at Sage. I was supported and nurtured in a way that made me feel comfortable expressing myself as an artist, but at the same time I was challenged and pushed to try new things, experiment and make mistakes – all in knowing there was a reason for doing so. Having the opportunity the past two summers to be a part of the Sage community/faculty and has been one of the most enjoyable experiences for me at Sage.”

Alexandra Fagan

Art Director
Empire Education Corporation
Albany, NY

“Sage set the foundation for how I would start my career as an artist. I am extremely grateful to be able to use what I learned in college in my daily life.”

Jason Belknap

Art Teacher
Ballston Spa Central School District
Ballston Spa, NY

“My experiences at Sage reinforced a love of learning and allowed me the creativity to push my artistic boundaries in exciting new directions.”

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